Store Config

You can update the general configuration of current branch.

Branch Info

You can add or update the personal branch detail like store name, store owner, telephone, mail,currency, place, country,state etc.

You can change the date formet and you can update the country and state.

you can update the country and state.

you can change the currency and time zone.

if you want to print you have to give the store address in printing address.


Mail Setting

You can use two options to send the mail.



By using those two options you can send the mail by easy and safe manner.


Test Mail

php and smtp is very useful to test the mail whether it is sending or not.


Common Settings

You can set the regular customer and supplier in common setting to default. It can save your time.

you Can set the prefix to check the ID while sales and purchase.

you can set the discount amount or discount percentage process.

Exclusive tax and exclusive discount would be helpful here.

If your country is india,you can choose enable option,otherwise you can disable the GST option.

Tax percentages will be set automatically according to the country.

There are many features will available here.



If you select the stock log check box ,you can add the sale inventory.otherwise no need to add sale inventory.

Track Inventory

If you select the track inventory check box ,you will set the item available quantity to add inventory report.

Auto Print After Sales

Print after sale option is helpful to print after every sale.

Dispalay Sales Balance

Sales balance display will show the how much balance amount need to give return for customer.

Display Screen

You can use the touch pad for sales by using display screen option,it will be easy for work.

Auto SMS After Sales

It will be helpful to send the automatic SMS to the customer after sales.

Auto Mail After Sales

It will be helpful to send the automatic mail to the customer after sales.

Round Off Totals

It will be helpful to round off the total amount.

Print Customer Details

It will be helpful to select the enable or disable option to print the customer detail during sales.

Recycle Bin

You can restore the details of sales,receivings, branch,categories, customers, item after delete the these detail.

You can restore the single detail and bulk details.


Erase All

Only admin can access the erase all options.

Admin can enter the password to delete the particular document or all the detailed documents.


Tax Rates

You can add the tax rate option at the same time you can edit or delete the options.

The tax rate option will listed in the common settings.