Point of Sale Solution

POS runs quicker, cheaper & never breaks...

POS (Point of Sale) systems are essential for businesses to manage stocks and those who access and sell them. Cloud POS is a term that refers to the storage of data on a secure server that can access at any time. Cloud POS speeds up store teller's sales by providing free access to points of purchase, customer registration, products, suppliers, online catalogs, and sales management. Additionally, it offers advanced resources such as inventory control, cash register control, issuing invoices, and more.

Unlimited Multi Store / Branch / Outlets

PosnicPro is a point-of-sale system used by small businesses to manage multiple stores/branches/outlets. It provides benefits, such as managing inventory and sales, and challenges, such as managing various locations.

Detail Reports

PosnicPro Point-of-sale (POS)reports are generated from data collected by a point-of-sale system. These reports can provide insightful information about sales trends, inventory management, and customer behavior.

Free Cloud Supports

PosnicPro is a cloud-based point of sale that offers lower costs and greater flexibility, but businesses may face technical expertise and security vulnerabilities.

Point of Sale Software

The POS device runs POS software, making scanning products, checking reports, and managing clients easier. It also allows integration with other business tools, simplifying operations and providing a more comprehensive view of the business performance.

Multi-Device Support

PosnicPro POS software is multi-platform, allowing users to access and control their POS from any web-enabled device, regardless of operating system. It works on desktops, tablets, or mobile phones.

Easy Payment options

PosnicPro POS provides four payment options, including cash sales, with transaction fees deducted from each sale. Cash sales are the first option.

Access Control List for Users

Administrators have full access to all POS components, allowing them to manage users, permit other users, and write, read, and delete records, ensuring security and efficient management...

Providing a Complete User Guide

Easy way to Access all Features of PosnicPro POS

PosnicPro is a point-of-sale system. Providing a complete user guide for users. The user guide was straightforward and effective. It's so simple to learn that no other assistance is required. If you need help, PosnicPro offers a video user guide as well. When you see that video, you are absolutely sure that you will use it


PosnicPro point-of-sale software can improve efficiency and accuracy in inventory management by leveraging cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and API technology...

Multi Hardware Support

PosnicPro point-of-sale Software is multi-hardware, allowing it to support any bar code scanner, billing desk, etc. This text explores the benefits, challenges, and best practices for selecting and configuring hardware components.

Customer Display Mode

PosnicPro is a point of sale that allows customers to view their purchased item bill, manage multiple displays, and integrate with POS software...

Inventory Management

PosnicPro point of sale manages inventory by tracking thousands of product SKUs and categories, assigning products to multiple outlets, reordering list automatically, and transferring products between different stores.

Improve Your Business


Our posnicPro software is specially developed for all the business needs of the industry. It offers many features to retailers such as business billing and inventory management and reporting. A user-friendly interface for overwhelming sales traffic.