We are here to improve your business :)

"We are a small team passionate about taking point-of-sale applications to the next level, providing customers with cloud-based point-of-sale applications"


"In 2016, we formed a private limited company (Posnic Innovations Private Limited) in the Nagapatinam district of Tamil Nadu, India, and began developing PosnicPro with basic POS features"


"Three developers began developing with core PHP and MongoDB, and the team has grown to seven people"


"Our goal is to make every point-of-sale module as simple and effective as possible, allowing our clients to easily manage their businesses"


"Despite the setback of the Kaja cyclone, we relocated to Trichy and have continued to grow as a team"


"With our expertise in PHP and MongoDB, we are confident that we can continue to deliver exceptional results for our clients"


"During the Corona period, we worked from home, but now we have a new office in Thiruthurapoondi"


"Our team has grown in size and strength, and we have increased the number of employees working there has since grown dramatically"


"PHP Point of Sale was designed for a small business to help track sales"


"It has since grown and is now used in many countries and small businesses around the world"


"We'd like to thank our customers and the open-source community for their contributions to the success of this small project"

Meet Our Team

We are constantly working tirelessly to provide the best customer service. The solution is an easy-to-use tool for eCommerce. You can present your products.


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PosnicPro, is a great friend who can improve your business. How your business is doing, how many items are available in your branch, and which items are being sold. Etc. You can get all the details about your business.

You can use the cloud to store all the information on your server with double security.

It is a massive success for us that more than 100 small and medium entrepreneurs have revolutionized business development.

Our team is available 24 hours a day to serve you. Our priority is to provide excellent customer service. Because of the tireless work and collective efforts of our Posnic friends, we easily overcome challenges and create achievements every day.

WHY choose us...?

"We are your way to success."


Quality Assessment

The most critical phase in our group's everyday work is to offer astounding support to dear clients. As PosnicPro relations, you can evaluate our quality yourself.



Our Posnic company has been traveling with Tamil and English language as starting point. We are planning to implement more projects later.


Provision of Data

Your Posnic server not only collects more data but also helps to secure and analyze it. This allows you to access your data at any time.


Level of business

Our Posnic is specially developed to predict every stage of the business accurately. It will let you know all the ways to help improve the business.


Customer Caring

We resolve the confusion and problems faced by customers not only online but also manually; besides that, we place great importance on making our business service easy to understand and resolve quickly.



As we approach every problem and achieve success, we also increase our customers' trust. We promise never to lose this valued relationship and are happy to share our ten years of experience traveling with your trust.


Hard Workers

As we face each day's challenges, we share one with our team. Today's rest is a pause after success. So we are continuously working day and night for success.



We are passionate about giving incredible growth to small and medium businesses and providing them with the best solutions in a simple way. We are working tirelessly to make the best business in retailers' lives.