Unlimited Multi Store / Branch / Outlets

PosnicPro point of sale is ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline operations and increase efficiency. It is designed for a single small shop but can handle simple multi-store management. PosnicPro point-of-sale reports have a direct view option and a downloadable CSV data table in a standard format. Users can quickly add and remove products, create promotions, and configure various payment methods. The system also offers real-time inventory tracking, allowing users to monitor stock levels and receive alerts when supplies run low. PosnicPro point of sale is ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

A multi-branch POS retail system is essential for customer satisfaction because it saves time and promotes efficiency by allowing customers to check product availability in other branches. Customers can also visit the nearest branch carrying the item or have it delivered, strengthening customer relationships and loyalty.

Significant Time and Effort Saving

A multi-branch POS system can save time and effort by allowing staff to access all the required data at the touch of a button. This eliminates the need to pause and call other branches or travel to the nearest branch, as well as the need to navigate a difficult path.

Providing Data and Information

Multi-branch POS retail software provides data and information about customer purchasing patterns to management, identifies problems, and detects trends. This information can be used to generate reports that can be used to strategize and make business decisions.

Improving Inventory Management

A multi-branch POS improves inventory management by reducing excess stock and shortfalls and making it available to customers throughout the chain. This information can be used to improve stock distribution and remain competitive.

Powerful user ACL ( Access Control List )

Any Module Can Be Controlled For User

The PosnicPro point of sale user module allows users to register, log in, and log out. It supports user roles, which can be configured with fine-grained permissions. The advantages of implementing an Access Control List (ACL) feature in a POS system, include enhanced security measures, how to set up advanced user permissions, everyday issues that may arise when granting too much access to users with robust permissions, and the various modules that can be controlled using the ACL feature in Posnic POS.

Every function controlled via module ACL

The Posnic POS system's Access Control List (ACL) feature is a security and user access control feature. It aids in preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information or functions and provides instructions for creating a Powerful user with advanced permissions. Common issues can arise when using ACL, and how to troubleshoot them effectively. Best practices for implementing ACL include reviewing user permissions regularly, using strong passwords, and staying up to date with software updates and security patches.

Customer management

Add new customers directly at the point of sale.

At the Posnicpro point of sale, you can directly add new customers, save their information as they pay, and quickly expand your customer base. Obtain customer information, with the option of sending them an email with a copy of the receipt.

Create customer profiles

Customer information is saved automatically in their profile, where you can view their purchase history, loyalty, and account balances.

Import your customer list into PosnicPro

You've worked hard to create your customer database. Using a simple CSV upload, you can easily migrate those contacts to PosnicPro POS.

View Customer Details

The customer view page for PosnicPro's point of sale enables customers to view the prices of the sales and billing items they have purchased, as well as any applicable taxes and discounts and their total payment amount. By doing this, they can obtain accurate financial data, such as how much they spent and how much they spent on purchases. Giving them the accurate financial information they need helps lower the unneeded tension among customers.

Customer Search

Customers can use PosnicPro, a point-of-sale customer search tool, to find out whether and how much an item is currently being sold for. Additionally, it saves employers time and improves the shop's reputation. PosnicPro's long-term objective is to improve the shop's reputation by allowing customers to search for items by price and stock.

Cloud and Open Source Downloadable (own server) versions

Easy Installation

PosnicPro is a POS system that offers cloud and open-source downloadable versions for your server. It is simple to install and use, with features like inventory management, sales tracking, and employee management. It is the ideal solution for small to medium-sized businesses looking to streamline their operations. Try it out today and see what a difference it can make for your company.

Technical Knowledge Not Necessary

PosnicPro is a user-friendly and efficient point-of-sale system that can be easily installed and configured without the user requiring any technical knowledge. Its quick login and low client input make it an appealing option for businesses looking to streamline their operations. PosnicPro is an easy-to-use and efficient point-of-sale system that can be installed and configured without technical knowledge.

PHP / MongoDB stack

PosnicPro is a simple, secure point-of-sale solution built on the PHP/MongoDB stack. It provides dependable performance and straightforward customization options, making it an excellent choice for businesses needing a simple, secure point-of-sale solution. PosnicPro can help you streamline operations and improve your bottom line, whether you own a small business or a large corporation.


First and foremost, it is the shop owner's responsibility to maintain the ideal inventory. PosnicPro's point-of-sale system does this. It has a low stock alert and tracks every item's opening and closing balances for every mint. Clint is very branchy. Users of PosnicPro have access to all branches' stock inventories, making it simple to transfer lists from one component to another. According to the user, the first risk for store owners is maintaining the ideal inventory, and PosnicPro's point of sale can help with effective inventory management. The software has functions like low stock alerts, opening and closing balance monitoring, and the capacity to move inventory between branches. For clients who have multiple components, this can be especially useful.

Consider these key components when thinking about inventory management.

  • Visibility  :   Maintaining good visibility of your inventory is essential for efficient and effective business operations, as it will help to find and retrieve products and prevent loss or theft easily.

  • Inventory  :   Proper inventory management is essential for the success of any business, as it allows you to optimize resources and meet customer needs on time. Regularly reviewing and adjusting inventory levels is necessary to ensure you are always prepared to meet demand.

  • Purchasing/replenishing    To plan purchases and replenishment strategies, businesses must be aware of inventory levels and demand projections. Companies must find reliable suppliers and maintain good working relationships for prompt product delivery. Businesses must monitor their purchasing and replenishment needs to ensure operations run efficiently.

  • Storage     Regular inventory reviews and adjustments, purchasing and replenishment strategies, selecting trustworthy suppliers, and selecting suitable product storage areas are all necessary for effective inventory management. By doing this, companies can meet customer needs quickly while maximizing their use of resources.

  • Analysis  : Making informed decisions about when and how much inventory to order is made possible by data analysis, a critical component of efficient inventory management. Businesses can optimize their inventory levels and boost productivity by fusing data analysis with other inventory management techniques.

  • Multichannel tracking     To distribute inventory levels among physical locations and fulfillment centers for e-commerce orders, effective inventory management calls for a combination of data analysis and multichannel tracking. This enables effective inventory management across various channels and ensures that products are accessible to customers regardless of where they place their orders.

Unlimited Products

PosnicPro pos is a complete and effective management tool for multiple locations thanks to its features, which include unlimited users, dependable technical support, inventory management, a tiered access model, unlimited storage, unlimited products, and unlimited locations.

Bulk Import and Export

PosnicPro pos Bulk Management assists stores with extensive inventories in more efficiently managing items by creating, updating, and deleting groups of essential items simultaneously. Create separate CSV sheets for each variant, import them all at once to bulk import items with variants.

Real-time Updates

Real-time inventory management involves using software to record inventory sales and purchases immediately. Businesses can improve customer satisfaction by lowering stockouts, maximizing inventory levels, and using PosnicPro pos. It can monitor stock levels, set reorder points, and get alerts when supplies run low. Running a successful business requires real-time inventory management, which PosnicPro pos can assist with effectively and efficiently.

Stock Management

Stock management is crucial for any business to guarantee that the right amount of inventory is available when it is needed. Increased productivity, cost savings, and customer satisfaction are all possible benefits. Effective stock management techniques are crucial for a business to be successful and expand. Companies can reduce waste, prevent stockouts, and boost their bottom line by monitoring inventory levels.

Powerful Inventory Log

Businesses that require thorough inventory tracking tools to manage their stock efficiently should strongly consider the PosnicPro point of sale. It has features like FIFO scheduling, barcode scanning, purchase order tracking, real-time inventory valuation, bin location tracking, and accounting integration. With the aid of these tools, businesses can manage their inventories more effectively and decide when to reorder and adjust stock levels.

Multi Device Support

Due to the multi-platform nature of PosnicPro POS software, users can access and manage their POS from any web-enabled device, regardless of the operating system. It functions on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

( Desktop / Tablet / Mobile Responsive )

PosnicPro point-of-sale systems support multiple devices, are responsive, quicker than other point-of-sale systems, and user-friendly, secure, and safe. It has a responsive and efficient user interface on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Store Management

A chain of stores can manage their inventory more effectively and choose how their customers will interact with their business thanks to the PosnicPro Multi Store POS module, which offers advanced functionality. PosnicPro POS and PosnicPro Back-Office make up the application's two sections. The POS now has features that let the salesperson and cashier participate in the multi-store POS. PosnicPro is retail management software that is split into two components: PosnicPro POS and PosnicPro Back-Office. The cashier and salesperson can participate in multi-store point-of-sale systems by using features added to the POS.

Daily Expenses

PosnicPro is a point-of-sale system for tracking income and expenses. It tracks money movements in stores by date and can be reviewed daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Businesses can gain better financial control by organizing their expenses. PosnicPro is an invaluable tool for any business owner looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their financial management. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive reporting features can assist businesses in staying on top of their cash flow and making informed business decisions. PosnicPro is an excellent choice for anyone in the retail industry, whether you're just starting or looking to streamline operations.

Transaction Report

PosnicPro POS Transactions Report is a powerful tool that gives users various features for effectively managing transaction data. It enables users to customize specifications, download receipts, and export data to a spreadsheet, giving them detailed insights into their transactions and allowing them to make informed decisions. It is a must-have tool for any company looking to improve the efficiency of its transaction management processes.

Return and Refunds

The PosnicPro point-of-sale system provides an easy and efficient sales return process for customers who want to return their purchased items. Users can manage and process returns with a single touch, making it a hassle-free experience for both the customer and the seller. This feature ensures customer satisfaction and helps the company build a good reputation while saving time and effort for the employees. PosnicPro is a dependable and user-friendly point-of-sale system for managing sales and returns in a retail setting.

MultiStore POS Configuration

PosnicPro Multi POS allows users to configure and manage pricing, layaway policies, and customer reward programs across multiple stores. It is critical to have a store that adheres to guidelines, such as pricing, layaway policies, and customer reward programs. PosnicPro Multi Store POS is recommended for efficiently configuring and managing multiple stores.

Setting Up Distinct Features For Each Store

You can set different access levels for various job roles in multiple stores. You can configure other currencies and time zones for those stores to work in. Aside from that, our multi-store pos software allows you to create a price list for each store.


PosnicPro Point-of-Sale (POS) reports are generated from data collected by a point-of-sale system. These reports can provide insightful information about sales trends, inventory management, and customer behavior. The PosnicPro POS system offers customizable reports to meet the unique requirements of each business. Businesses can stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions for long-term success with accurate and timely data.

Powerful Graphs

PosnicPro position Pie charts are used to compare parts of a whole, whereas bar graphs are used to compare different groups or to track changes over time. Pie charts are best for reaching parts of a whole, whereas bar graphs are best for comparing things between other groups or monitoring changes over time, mainly when the changes are significant. Both pie charts and bar graphs have advantages and are helpful for various purposes.

Sales and Profit

Users can easily view their sales and profit using the simple sales and profit chart provided by the PosnicPro point of purchase. Profit, also known as income, net income, and operating income, is calculated by the system by deducting expenses from revenue from sales. Users can easily track their sales and profit thanks to this.


Point of sale PosnicPro Business analytics is a systematic, iterative exploration of organizational data focusing on statistical analysis. In order to draw conclusions from data and offer practical suggestions for business improvement, it involves using various tools and techniques. Businesses can better understand their operations, customers, and market trends with the help of PosnicPro point of sale Business analytics, enabling them to make wise decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Quick and Power checkout

Customers choose self-checkout for its convenience, so your self-checkout system needs to help customers complete the transactions with minimal staff support

Self-service checkout software

When deciding on a self-service option, businesses should consider their specific needs and the capabilities of various POS systems. Some companies may require the ability to switch between modes and customize the software, whereas others may only require essential checkout features and the option for store attendant support. The goal should be to provide customers with a smooth and efficient checkout experience.


PosnicPro point-of-sale software can increase inventory management accuracy and efficiency by utilizing API technology, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use. Scanning product data, swiping credit/debit cards, and keying login information into a pin pad enables retailers, restaurants, and other businesses to manage operational tasks, in-store sales, and purchases effectively.


PosnicPro point-of-sale developers can build customizable solutions or integrate sales data into already-existing systems using their robust API. The REST protocol is used to implement the PosnicPro point-of-sale API. You can exchange data in JSON format using HTTP methods (like GET, PUT, POST, or DELETE). You can sync sales, products, customers, inventory, and other data with any app or system using a variety of functions. For real-time updates, you can also use webhooks. The Hiboutik API is quick, flexible, and safe.

Flexible to set up any external app

Applications built with App Engine run as instances in rigid or flexible environments. The daily resource usage cap for instances running in the standard background is free of charge and determined by a set of quotas. However, PosnicPro's integrated, flexible environment allows you to set up any outside app.

Secret Token based Authendication

PosnicPro is a POS authentication method that enables users to enter their username and password only once and obtain an encrypted token explicitly generated. This token is then used to access restricted pages or resources for a predetermined amount of time.

API User guide

To ensure that users can navigate and understand the information provided, the PosnicPro POS API documentation should maintain a clear structure. The content can be organized to achieve this using headings, subheadings, bullet points, and other formatting techniques. By adhering to these recommendations, developers and other users can quickly find the information they need to integrate the API into their applications.

Touch Screen Sales

PosnicPro point-of-sale software is user-friendly and effective for businesses because it supports touch screen devices. Employees can tap on a screen with touchscreen point-of-sale systems to complete transactions, enter customer information, or locate sales data. Touchscreen point-of-sale (POS) systems can run on a desktop or a mobile device, with the latter enabling staff to approach customers directly and bring the checkout to them.

Multi Hardware Support

PosnicPro is a point-of-sale system. Because the software is designed in a multi-hardware support format, it can be used with any barcode scanner, billing desk, printer, etc. POS (point of sale) hardware is the physical item required to complete a deal and has advanced significantly in technology over the last decade. Businesses are going cashless these days, and POS hardware can fit in the palm of your hand. To complete online and in-store transactions, POS hardware typically incorporates some form of software. The proper POS hardware can improve customer satisfaction and reduce inefficiencies in your business.

Card Reader

A card reader must be available because 80% of consumers prefer to use cards instead of cash when making purchases. Card readers come in various designs and configurations and can be added to mobile or tablet devices or integrated into POS hardware. A card reader at the register is something that most people are familiar with, but two other options have become more common.

    Card readers can be used to charge any card:
  • swipe the card's magnetic stripe
  • Inserting the card's chip into the POS machine
  • Contactless payment with "Tap to Pay."
A card reader is essential for running a successful and efficient business because it allows for contactless payments and access to card information from mobile devices.

Mobile Hardware

You can conduct transactions while moving around or in a small area with a mobile POS. A mobile POS, for instance, would enable a waitress to process an order at the table and let customers pay their tab there. Some mobile POS devices even allow you to print receipts directly from the gadget. Even though a mobile POS costs more money, it gives you flexibility.

Tablet POS Hardware

On a tablet like an iPad, a tablet POS runs. Although it offers the same flexibility as mobile or handheld POS, the software allows it to handle more complex tasks. This may be a sensible POS option if you own a compatible tablet.

Cash Register

Cash registers can be integrated with other POS devices to process cash transactions. Customers prefer credit cards, though some still pay with cash, so offering them various payment options is crucial.

Receipt Printer

Receipt printers are necessary for businesses and individuals to track transactions and maintain a paper record for tax purposes. They can be linked to a POS terminal or a mobile POS system.

Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are used to process multiple-item transactions. They can be attached to a POS terminal or handheld devices, allowing employees to scan items in difficult-to-reach areas.

Easy Payment options

PosnicPro's point-of-sale payment option is straightforward and accepts four payment methods. It connects your bank account to your PosnicPro point of sale account, making payment simple for both the seller and the buyer. You can choose which make by understanding the account, the benefits of the card, and the payment options available. You can quickly start accepting most payment options with the help of a flexible retail point-of-sale (POS) system, creating better customer experiences and nurturing repeat business.


The simplest form of payment you can accept is cash, of course. Money also eliminates the need for fee- and payment-processor-research.
While there are some complexities in handling and accounting for cash transactions, there are very few disadvantages to accepting cash payments from your customers.

    There are numerous advantages for both you and your clients:
  • Cash is simple and practical     This is especially true for clients who favor and use it frequently (particularly important if you offer cash-on-delivery options).

  • No transaction fees     When you accept cash payments, you keep more money because you don't have to deduct payment processing and other fees that credit cards and other payment methods do.

Debit cards and credit cards

Credit and debit cards have been around for a long time, but their popularity is far from over. According to BAI Research and Hitachi Consulting, 41% of consumers go cashless, and 97% prefer credit and debit payments. Accepting credit and debit cards has become the norm, as it is the bare minimum for retailers to stay competitive. Data shows that consumers spend more with a credit card than cash.

  • Stores Should Be Authenticated      Accepting credit cards (specifically Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express) is so common that stores that do not accept card payments may be perceived as "out of date."

  • Overall Increase In Sales     Businesses must accept credit card payments to avoid losing sales when customers don't carry cash. It provides convenience to customers and money. Businesses increase their sales and revenue. By offering multiple payment options, companies can cater to the diverse needs of their customers and stay ahead of the competition. Businesses must adapt to the changing payment landscape and embrace credit card payments to thrive in the modern marketplace.

  • A Benefit To Cash Flow     Businesses can accept credit card payments quickly and easily because they are frequently automatically deposited into a business's bank account. This could increase sales and bring in more customers who would instead use cards than cash to make purchases. Additionally, by allowing credit card payments, you can attract more customers who would instead use their cards than cash to pay for their purchases.

Mobile Payments

Payments made via mobile devices and smartphones, also called contactless payments, have grown rapidly in recent years. More than four out of ten US smartphone users used contactless payments in 2021, and usage of mobile payment apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay is anticipated to more than double between 2020 and the present. Customers who frequently have their phones out can make these payments more quickly and easily.

    Additionally, there are several excellent advantages for merchants who accept mobile and smartphone payments:
  • Convenience for clients      Business productivity and security can increase by accepting online payments, enhancing customer satisfaction by making the payment process quicker and simpler.

  • Cash flow     Mobile payments are convenient and efficient for consumers and businesses. With the increasing popularity of mobile payment apps, more people will use them.

  • Availability of data     Accepting smartphone payments can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and offer opportunities for personalized engagement, improving the customer experience and driving sales. This can be done by receiving and tracking customer data, sending location-based updates on sales, discounts, and more, and engaging with customers throughout the in-store journey.

Custom payments

A good POS system offers the flexibility to accept multiple payment methods, such as credit and debit cards, mobile payments, and cash. This can improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. It can also help streamline business operations and provide valuable insights into sales data. Invest in a POS system that meets your needs and offers features and integrations to help your business thrive.

    This includes custom payments like:
  • Split payments   :  The ability to split payments across multiple cards is a helpful feature many customers value. This allows them to split expenses with friends or family members rather than having to pay the entire bill. Businesses that provide this option may have a better chance of attracting and retaining customers who value flexibility and convenience.

  • Payment in installments   :  Retailers can accept partial payments upfront and offer credit or payment plans to collect the rest or receive an initial payment in-store and have the customer pay the rest online. Offering flexible payment options can help retailers increase sales and improve customer satisfaction by accommodating different financial situations and preferences.

Recycle Bin

Life-saving feature from Accidental Delete Records

The recycling bin option is an excellent PosnicPro point-of-sale integration. PosnicPro understands the importance of your documents. PosnicPro incorporates this fantastic option. If one record accidentally deletes your PosnicPro point of sale. No worries, you can restore it from the PosnicPro point-of-sale recycle bin. You can permanently delete that record from your PosnicPro point-of-sale recycle bin if it is no longer required.

Easy Setup

PosnicPro POS installation is straightforward and fast. PosnicPro asks for very few details from Client's side. Very fast login. Configure your shop very quickly. PosnicPro takes a little time to configure your shop.

No Technical Knowledge Required

Technical knowledge is optional for PosnicPro point-of-sale users. PosnicPro users are sufficient for a basic understanding of the system. PosnicPro is simple to use and secure.

Complete UserGuide ( Text and Video)

PosnicPro is a point-of-sale system. Providing a complete user guide for users. The user guide was straightforward and effective. It's so simple to learn that no other assistance is required. If you need help, PosnicPro offers a video user guide as well. When you see that video, you are confident you will use it. PosnicPro is a point-of-sale system.

24 / 7 Support

PosnicPro provides point-of-sale clients with 24-hour support. PosnicPro's 24/7 support service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and includes various IT services (such as server monitoring, call-center support, and database support).