You can update the general configuration of current branch.


Add Item

If you want to create new item you have to give item name,sku,barcode detail,then you have to select supplier, category and single or multiple branch.After that you have to fill up discount,mrp price,company price,selling price and quantity.

You need to fill down the position of item quantity in new sale.

You can get the benefit by selecting the tracking or non tracking inventory.

Then click to save button.


Print Label

Adjust the barcode width and height and enter the number of the print you need.

Then will click print button to print the label.


Barcode View

If you click the barcode view button , it will display the barcode.


Clone Item

You can get the benefit by creating the duplicate and cloning item.


View Item

If you click the view button ,it will display item details.


Edit Item

If you click to edit button,it will be displayed to edit item model.Then you can modify what you need,finally click to update button.


Delete Item

If you click to delete button,it will remove the item details.